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Crow Country è disponibile da oggi per PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S e Steam

Visit CROW COUNTRY! Retro-inspired survival horror now welcoming all guests brave enough on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam

The creators of Tangle Tower and Snipperclips invite you to explore an abandoned theme park (or die trying) in this atmospheric love letter to ’90s horror games

London, UK – 9th May, 2024 – Critically acclaimed indie studio SFB Games (Tangle Tower, Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!) are proud to announce the official launch of their much-anticipated survival horror game, Crow Countryavailable NOW on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam.

Roll up, roll up! The abandoned Crow Country theme park is finally throwing open its rusty gates for intrepid explorers beginning today, and horrifying secrets await those brave enough to visit in this new survival horror experience. So grab your pistol, push through the fog, and uncover the dark truth at the heart of Crow Country. At least there aren’t any queues…

In this new horror game inspired by classics from the PlayStation 1, the year is 1990 and you are Mara Forest, a young woman determined to understand why the mysterious Edward Crow closed his famed amusement park and how exactly he vanished.

Managing limited resources, you’ll need to survive against the mysterious monsters that stalk the eerie tranquility of Crow Country, and overcome the many puzzles and challenges that stand between you and a most disturbing enigma. Hunt for clues, encounter curious characters, and immerse yourself in a handcrafted, richly atmospheric game-world evocative of late ’90s pre-rendered graphics (move the camera and you’ll find it’s actually 3D!).

Feeling a little too scared? Exploration Mode turns off all enemies, combat, and danger, so you can experience Crow Country as a spooky adventure instead – with the full story intact! You can even play with “tank controls”, if the nostalgia is caw-caw-calling you.

Adam Vian, Creative Director at SFB Games, said: “It’s finally here! This project has been a real labour of love for us, so we’re beyond excited to finally let people enjoy all that Crow Country has to offer. Personally, I’m so curious to see how it goes… I want to know which puzzles you enjoyed, which moments scared you, what rank you get, which bonuses you unlock – I think I’ll be glued to YouTube and Twitch for a while…”

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