Cryptmaster disponibile per PC

Cynical Cryptmaster Opens Invitations to his Tomb Today on PC

Prove your prowess alongside the undying clasp of the Cryptmaster as you bend to his every beck and call

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 9th, 2024 – Coming off of their win at the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Game Design, Paul Hart and Lee Williams alongside Akupara Games are proud to officially launch their highly anticipated, dungeon-crawling narrative-adventure Cryptmaster for PC today! The Cryptmaster plans to slowly but surely rule over all mortal beings but until then he’ll have to settle with you. Dig deep to see if you can solve pretentious puzzles, fight tyrannical toadmen, belt beautiful songs with bullying bards, and reconcile your relationships with rambling rat men.

Cryptmaster will be bundling with 1000xRESIST for a limited time with a 32% discount on launch.

“I would love to say that the character of the Cryptmaster came to me fully-developed in a dream and demanded I make his game, but unfortunately the truth is a little messier…

“Originally, we just wanted a spooky dungeon master as a sort of hint and quest-giver and we used my voice as a placeholder while we built the demo. People liked the character so we decided to stick with it! It was also useful for me to do both the writing and voice because it meant I could add and edit all the (very many!) voice lines as needed, and evolve the character alongside the story.

“The voice is a layman’s tribute to a whole bunch of my favourite actors, drawing mostly on the very hammy tradition of horror movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s. However, he’s really more of a sitcom character than a horror one – a slightly pompous old fool whose dignity is constantly undercut by his inflated sense of his own importance and ability!” – Lee Williams, Writer/Game Designer


  • Say Anything You Want: Interact with the world and conquer quests by typing or speaking any word you can think of – each encounter has multiple solutions to discover!
  • A Weird, Wild World: Travel through mysterious underground kingdoms and meet talking doors, flirtatious toads, sarcastic ghouls, and more.
  • Use Your Words: Dungeon battles are fueled by words – decipher forgotten spells, then type their names in battle to unleash the might of your undead heroes.
  • Endlessly Evolving Gameplay: You’ll constantly encounter new gameplay mechanics – from creature collecting, to card combat, to bard rap-battles & more.


SAY ANYTHING in this bizarre dungeon adventure where words control everything. Fill in the blanks with text or voice to uncover lost abilities, embark on strange quests, and solve mindbending riddles. Can you conquer the crypt and uncover the mystery at the heart of CRYPTMASTER?


Cryptmaster is available to purchase on Steam now: