El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron in arrivo su Steam 2 settembre

PC Steam version of  El Shaddai ASCENSION OF THE METATRON

Officially releases on September 2nd 2021

18th August 2008 – After a little wait in proceedings Crim, the talented Japan team, are delighted to announce that the eagerly awaited PC Steam version is officially released on September 2nd 2021 in the west, along with a special offer to commemorate its arrival!

The trailer reveals that the novel titled “Lucifer’s Fall” is included as a digital purchase bonus of the game. Also, the download contents “DLC: ArtBook” and “Soundtrack” were also introduced which will be released at the same time as well as “El Shaddai DELUXE PACK” which contains all DLC in one package is announced to be released.

Looking up at..

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron combines many genre elements with its rich and detailed storyline, its glorious anime style graphical presentation that changes dramatically as the player progresses through a totally mesmeric experience. With the recent rise of the graphical novel games, what is offered within El Shaddai goes far beyond these confines in that action, strategy and platforming are just a few of the challenges and exciting dangers that unfold.


El Shaddai is all about its simple controls. You can experience the profound action by pressing a few buttons and the same goes to the in-game jump action and battle scenes. The intuitive controls can lead you to the best gaming experience throughout the game.


The prices for the standard version will be $39.99, DELUXE PACK is going to be $78.97 (including tax). It is also revealed that during 2 weeks after the release, the standard version will be 19% off and DELUXE PACK will be 45% off as part of the sale to celebrate the release – sale prices outlined below.



Discount Price (tax incl.)

Deluxe pack

$39.25/£53.66/€58.13 (normally $78.97/£61.47/€66.57)

Stand alone game

$32.39/£25.10/€27.53 (normally $39.99/£30.99/€33.99)






The Long awaited Appearance of the PC version of a game that captivated gamers some 10 years ago!