Madorica Real Estate è disponibile per Nintendo Switch

Oct.11th, 2018

Experience a whole new sensation in this escape game for Nintendo Switch™ using floor plans, pen & paper. Madorica Real Estate for Nintendo Switch™ goes on sale October 11.

Gift Ten Industry, K.K. (Head office: Tokyo; CEO: Takashi Hamada) launched Madorica Real Estate software for Nintendo Switch™ from October 11th.

Gift Ten Industry has previously developed VR cooperative-style board games that combine digital and analog gaming, such as Mask of Anubis and Mask of Moai. Now they have announced their first download-only software for Nintendo Switch™ with the same “digital × analog” concept.

Madorica Real Estate is a game that uses room floor plans, paper and pencil to solve puzzles and defeat evil spirits in each room. You can enjoy the atmosphere of “real puzzle games”, which have such a strong following, in the comfort of your own home. It is the perfect way to spend those long autumn nights, Halloween parties, etc.

[Game Story]
You are a new employee at a real estate agency in a certain town. In this town there are many properties occupied by evil spirits. Madorica Real Estate is the only real estate agency in town that rents apartments that are not haunted. Your job is to defeat the evil spirits somewhere in the rooms and make them safe to live in. Hints for defeating the evil spirits have been hidden around the rooms by President Madorica. If you are able to decipher the hints and enter commands, even a new recruit like you can use magic. Look for hints, write the information on the floor plan with a pencil or pen, find the magic and exorcise the evil spirits.

Feature point No. 1: Analog approach even on Nintendo Switch™!
Although there is a function to display the floor plans digitally, if you follow the software instructions and download them and print them out at home, it is even more enjoyable. With pen in hand, try to solve the puzzles dotted around each room by writing on the floor plans, or sometimes cutting or pasting them.

Feature point No. 2: By yourself or with friends and family! How about some fun ghost busting at your Halloween party !?
Although you can play by yourself, it’s even more fun to play with multiple people. For example, if you split up the roles into things like left controller person, right controller person, floor plan person, and so on, and take on the 20 stages as a group, the fun is multiplied. When you work together with your teammates and solve a puzzle, you’ll be high-fiving before you know it!

Feature point No. 3: The sound is fun, too!
Sound and music during the game was created by Tsukasa Masuko, who is also known for the Megami Tensei series. The sound is sure to raise the tension as you unravel the puzzles.