11 bit studios – Sconti su tutti i giochi su Steam del publisher

11 bit studios’ Steam Publisher Weekend Ushers in Massive Moonlighter Update

October 11, 2018 – 11 bit studios, the developer known for the IGF-winning This War of Mine and Frostpunk — recently nominated for PC Game of The Year at the Golden Joystick Awards — and a publisher of such indie gems as Moonlighter and Beat Cop is excited to announce their very first publisher’s sale on Steam!

With Frostpunk deeply discounted by 27% and Moonlighter taking off 25%, the sale offers some of the highest discounts of 11 bit games ever, so get in where you fit in and scoop up these deals before they’re gone! Beat Cop also its best offer to date as the game about, well, being a beat cop is only $3.75, discounted by a whopping 75%. Check out the chopped prices for This War of Mine, the Anomaly series, Tower 57 and much more from 11 bit here.

Usually, this is where we’d wrap things up but we also have another big announcement as Moonlighter launches its Adventure Update! Among the new features in this free update to one of this year’s biggest indie darlings are new weapons, new amulets, and even a fancy way to sell your items faster. Full details are below;

  • NEW GAME + – Play again the full Moonlighter adventure with more challenging enemies and bosses. To beat the game you will have two new sets of items, the Pirate Weapons, and the Amulets.
  • PIRATE WEAPONS – A new full set of weapons that are crafted with dimensional pirates’ knowledge. Those weapons could be enchanted with elemental effects (confusion, poison, fire or electricity) to alter their power.
  • AMULETS – Mysterious rings found in the dungeons that will offer new abilities for the players. Be careful, though, because most of them can cause some serious side effects!
  • GAME SLOTS – Now, you’ll be able to have more than one game slot in the game.
  • QUICK-SELLING MIRROR – Tired of selecting each item to be sold? Now, you’ll be able to select the mirror and simply click over the elements you want to sell.