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Spelunker HD Deluxe disponibile da domani per PS4 e Switch

The Legendary Cave Experience Returns!

Out on 6th August for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Stuttgart, August 5th, 2021: ININ Games, together with legendary developer TOZAI, are happy to announce Spelunker HD Deluxe releases digitally online for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 6th August 2021 – tomorrow!


One of the earliest cave exploring games is back – Spelunker HD Deluxe comes with shiny HD graphics and a challenging adventure in a world of caves and the mysteries they hold! Explore vast caves with their various terrains, such as abandoned mines, underground lakes, ancient ruins, glaciers, and more. But beware! The caves are full of peril in the form of dangerous creatures and fiendishly devious traps!


4 Player Madness


Various game modes and different stages will provide players with a lot of challenges on their way:


  • Explore the expansive cave by fighting and jumping your way through 100 stages in the Adventure Mode.

  • Compete with your friends to become the best cave explorer in the Competition Mode!

  • 100 super-difficult, challenging stages for the real cave exploring experts await you in the Championship Mode.

  • In the game mode Endless Cave NEO, players can see how far they get in deep, endless, randomly generated caves.


Lava level

The game modes can be played as single player, but they are also supporting online multiplayer with up to six people and offline multiplayer with up to four people allowing the players to explore the caves together with friends and family!

For those who prefer to keep it classic, the well-received “Classic Mode”, that was also included in the PS3 version, will still be available in Spelunker HD Deluxe. Retro fans can enjoy beautiful nostalgic pixel graphics and 8-bit sound for the original Spelunker experience like back in the early 80s!


Classic 8bit


Be a spelunker hero, who craves victory and has a great spirit of adventure but can only accept a miniscule of pain! The phenomenon returns…


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