Vesper – acclamato dalla critica

Vesper – Metacritic announcement

Frankfurt/Germany, August 4th 2021: Deck13 Spotlight announces that Vesper, the atmospheric adventure-platformer created by the Italian indie developers of Cordens Interactive, reached a Metacritic score of 81! In Vesper you take control of a small android and – by manipulating light, ancient machinery and hostile robots – try to navigate a post-post-apocalyptic world on a mission to save your kind.

Vesper mixes the gameplay of classic 90’s atmospheric platformers with newly inspired mechanics. Use the Drive Gun to wield the light in order to overcome obstacles, take control of your enemies and turn them against each other.

The game offers you a variety of different solutions for every encounter, allowing you to hide in the shadows to avoid contact or to engage enemies head-on. Choosing a path that fits your play style is the core design philosophy of Vesper.

The player takes control of Seven, a small android stranded on an eerie planet that long ago was populated by a highly advanced civilization. Debris and wreckage now only hint to the former prosperity of this once wonderful world. The rulers have vanished and a new force claims its dominion. Hostile robots, different in shape and behavior threaten to eradicate any signs of life that don’t belong to their network. A dark force is looming over the planet, slowly creeping to swallow it whole. Does Seven have a chance to save their kind?

While annihilation and decay shaped the world, hope lurks around every corner. Nature is slowly gaining back sovereignty, climbing up the facades of tilted skyscrapers and bursting through the concrete of highways build eons ago. Beautiful handcrafted vistas convey a thick atmosphere and give you a glimpse of a fallen civilization. The world itself resembles the fight of life versus technology, a motive the story picks up on.

Without spoiling too much, the player will encounter some thought provoking questions about free will, determinism and the worth of life itself.

The full version of Vesper is OUT NOW on Steam and GOG.