Vinci una GeForce RTX3070 con Glyph

Wishlist Glyph on Steam and earn a chance to win a top-tier Nvidia graphics card from Inno3D ($1100).

It’s been excruciating to find quality graphics cards this spring and summer. The chip shortage has taken its toll, and gamers all over the planet suffer from the drag of yesterday’s hardware: Oh, the horror!

But hold on! What is that, in there in the all-consuming darkness in-between frames that are much, much too far apart? It’s a tiny beam of light!

Bolverk Games freely offers the high-value GeForce RTX3070 graphics card from Nvidia (Inno3D version) at a value of USD1100 to platforming fans worldwide willing to enter a no-purchase-necessary competition.

To participate, interested good folks will need to wishlist Glyph on Steam, take a screenshot of the completed action, and post it on the Glyph discord channel.

Enter the competition here (hosted by

Go and click wishlist on Steam
Hit Shift+windows_key+S to screenshot
Go to our discord