Vitamin Connection è disponibile per Nintendo Switch!

Vitamin Connection is available now on Nintendo Switch!

Name: Vitamin Connection
Publisher: WayForward
Developer: WayForward
Release Date: February 20, 2020
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Players: 1 or 2
Price: $19.99

Get connected in this quirky, action-packed, inner-body journey for one or two players and stop sickness in its tracks!

If you’re looking for big doses of fun, excitement, innovation, and laughs, look no further than Vitamin Connection — available today in the Nintendo Switch eShop! Developed and published by WayForward, this inventive one- or two-player game combines 2D bacteria-blasting action with the groundbreaking features of Nintendo Switch to deliver an experience unlike anything else on the system.

Vitamin Connection lets players take control of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, co-pilots of the microscopic Capsule Ship, who must defend the Sable family against a putrid pathogenic invasion. As you eliminate foes with your Vitamin Beam, navigate maze-like environments, and interact with quirky allies, you’ll save the Sables — and maybe even the world! — from numerous wacky situations that are brought to life through a pulse-pounding soundtrack and Switch-only features such as HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera support. Players will even get to engage in a variety of Sub-Game challenges at “vital locations” throughout their journey, where they’ll twist, grab, dance, and deflect their way to victory.

In addition to the single-player game, Vitamin Connection offers an asymmetric local co-op mode, in which two players take advantage of unique Joy-Con controls to fight the microbial menace together. With one player handling the Capsule Ship’s movement and shooting, and the other focusing on rotation and aiming, a connection between players is crucial to success!

Rated E by the ESRB, Vitamin Connection is available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99.

Key Features

  • Battle bacteria with your Capsule Ship across six colorful worlds plus numerous bonus stories!
  • Play a variety of Sub-Games featuring precision twisting, rhythmic action, IR-based reflex tests, and other challenges!
  • Unique and innovative Joy-Con controls with HD Rumble!
  • Jam to an international music collaboration covering everything from J-pop to hip hop!
  • Play solo or team up with a friend in the asymmetric two-player mode!
  • Unlock “New Game Pro” mode to experience the story from a whole new perspective as the anti-hero…Pro-Biotic!
  • Exclusively on Nintendo Switch!