Blazing Beaks è disponibile da oggi per Nintendo Switch

Killer ducks, deadly chickens, loads of weapons to choose from, tons of levels to explore, and lots of enemies to defeat. Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear some quacking and tweeting for Blazing Beaks – now available on Nintendo Switch.

 May 10th, Warsaw, Poland.

Is it Superman? No! Is it a plane? No! Is it a bird? N… Er… Well actually, YES! One that’s armed with a flame thrower and not afraid to use it. So what are you waiting for? Spread your wings, sharpen your beak and blaze your way through hordes of mutants, monsters, and other creepy creatures. In the end it’s not about who you are – it’s your inner bird that defines you.  

Birds love to flock, so if you are a lucky holder of a previous QubicGames title (almost all of them qualify for the offer), you can take part in a special bird migration – a lovely 50% discount. The promotion will last until the 2nd of June, when the price of the game returns to $14.99 / €14.99. So don’t delay – start your bird adventure on the Nintendo eShop today (


Use your one-of-a-kind bird skills to whack every nasty thing in your way, so it returns whence it came. Explore tons of randomly generated levels bursting with secrets, and unravel the mysteries you chance upon. You’ll hear the sweet voice of powerful artifacts calling your name, but beware of their dark force. Think twice before picking them up, as they will prey on your greed, leading eventually to your annihilation.

•    Enjoy a thrilling plot, either alone or with a buddy, in Story mode. Become part of an explosive adventure set in charming and surprising levels. Shoot, blast, zap, and disintegrate your way through creepy creatures, solo or in co-op!
•    Compete with up to four of your friends in Tournament mode and find out who’s The King on a battlefield fueled with mad rules for lively get-togethers;
•    Discover cool weapons and abilities, but beware of the powerful artifacts – you will be tempted to grab them, but they will make you suffer;
•    Choose from eight completely different playable bird characters. Each has its own unique abilities, so pick one that matches your playthrough style best;
•    Dig into details by reading all about the particularities and statistics of the characters, items, enemies, and abilities you discovered;
•    Play. Die. Repeat! Randomly generated levels and loot drops make every playthrough different. A special “Seeded” mode also allows you to restart an adventure with identical settings if you so wish.