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Super Wiloo Demake in arrivo su console

Super Wiloo Demake‘ jumps to consoles this week!Leon, Spain — (Date) — Wiloo’s dog has been kidnapped by the alien known as Dr.ETvaldo! Can you rescue your buddy by jumping, rolling, and shooting past enemies to reach your best friend?Ratalaika Games & LightUP are proud to announce that ‘Super Wiloo Demake’ will be jumpingits way onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4& Vita later this week!

‘Super Wiloo Demake’ will be priced for 4.99$/€ for all platforms.
It will launch on:

  • SONY America: July 30th, 2019
  • SONY Europe: July 31th, 2019
  • Xbox One: July 31th, 2019
  • Nintendo Switch (NA&EU): August 2nd, 2019
  • Traverse 50 levels across 5 different worlds with unique themes.
  • Vibrant 8-bit visuals
  • Conquer 5 malicious bosses
  • Pick from 3 difficulties to suit your playstyle
  • Use fun power ups to defeat enemies

Wiloo and Agatha need to rescue their dog from the clutches of Dr.ETvaldo!

Roll, fly, jump, and shoot your way across a variety of different platforming levels using unique power ups to reach the end of the level. Can you defeat all 5 bosses and rescue your buddy?

With 3 different difficulties, experience the quest that you desire with easier or devilish challenges.