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Windscape è disponibile per Xbox One e Nintendo Switch

Open-world adventure Windscape available now after three years in Steam Early Access

Explore the floating islands of Windscape today
on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC

March 27th 2019, Dueren, Germany – After a long time in Early Access the day has finally come to release the beautiful adventure game Windscape. Dennis Witte’s homage to “The Legend of Zelda” came to Steam Early Access three years ago and many new locations were added over the course of that time.

Now you get the chance to enter the beautiful world of Windscape and accompany the young protagonist Ida to save that wonderful world via PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s available on Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Nintendo eShop for the price of $19.99 / 19.99€ / £15.99. There will even be a 20% release discount in the Microsoft Store and on Steam!