Slime-san: Creator è in arrivo su Steam

November 28th, Düren, Germany – According to a myriad of reviews as well as Metacritic (82 on Switch), Slime-san is one of the best platformers out there – and definitely the slimiest!

Now, we present you with Slime-san: Creator which will deliver even more fun: Create Slime-san based platforming levels with incredible precision and ease. Unleash your creativity with thousands of possible combinations using nearly all elements, mechanics and enemies from Slime-san and share your creations with the whole world! Perhaps soon, we will see your levels in the popular list, too?

Slime-san: Creator features an intuitive UI (including full gamepad support!) and introduces you gently to the creation process until you’re able to create fantastic (and cruel) levels on your own. Besides several mechanics and enemies, you can choose from a plethora of customization options which enables you to create truly unique levels for other players to enjoy and play online.
Creating a new level can be so easy!

Not into creating levels? No worries! By using our level browser you can filter by new or popular levels and add them to your favorites. You can even search for level creator names or level IDs. With Slime-san: Creator you’ll have thousands of amazing levels to play, with more coming in each day! How exciting is that?!