Hardcore RPG Dungeons of Aledorn

Il TEAM 21 con sede a Praga ha lanciato il kickstarter per il loro nuovo progetto l’RPG  Dungeons of Aledorn

Se siete curiosi di provare la demo potete scaricarla a questo indirizzo:

Key features:

A combination of the time-tested principles of former masterpieces with the advantages of current technology.
Classical high-fantasy game setting that places emphasis on realism within its world´s rules.
Start with a ready-to-go party of heroes, chosen from a combination of seven races and six classes – or create your own!
Branching skills and further specializations.
Total immersion into an enormous archipelago realm with various climates and landscapes.
Original and atmospheric soundtrack designed by our in-house composer.
No more long winded following of quest markers – get your brain ready for intriguing quests with multiple solutions.
DRM free.