Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic disponibile su Steam

La software house tedesca Headup Games ha annunciato la disponibilità di Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic nuovo titolo con la grafica volutamente retrò, come si può vedere dal video qui sotto.


– Thirty unique hero classes to unlock, each with individual skills and attributes.
– More procedurally generated axes, spears, maces, swords, shields, bows, crossbows, spells and prayers than a llama has hair on its body.
– Thirteen mystic and beautifully cruel dungeons to explore. Epic bossfights waiting!
– Three campaigns to unlock, each with its own final dungeon and boss.
– Permadeath! You know you want it.
– A detailed graveyard where you can mourn your dead heroes, compare their statistics and see which of their choices led to their tragic death.
– Completely crazy NPCs, each one of them with a significant storyline that you can follow to unlock cool stuff!
– Tons of random events that you will encounter on your way, expecting you to make important choices. Will you yell at the cat like a crazy idiot?
– Many achievements and unlockables, try to get them all and become the most badass Pixel Hero in the world!
Genere: Roguelike RPG
Formato: PC / Mac / Linux
Prezzo: $9.99 / 9,99 Euro / £6.99
Langue: English / German