Worlds of Magic ha una data di uscita

Worlds of Magic lo strategico sarà disponibile dal 19 marzo 2015.

Per l’occasione per pochi giorni il titolo è scontato del 25%


Sotto il comunicato ufficiale e il video che mostra il gameplay.

To buy the game via Steam Early Access visit Worlds of Magic product page HERE or support developers directly by going to their store and getting the game HERE. As a bonus you can get completely for free a 80 page Worlds of Magic artbook focusing heavily on what’s one of the game’s strongest points – 8 playable races available. Each of these races feels distinct and flavorful, having different military units and its own selection of city buildings. Each also has unique bonuses and abilities ranging from basic increases in production or research to more extreme examples.

Like the Unhallowed who don’t produce food or pay taxes and have no morale. Each race also has a completely different play style which adds a high replay value to the game. Moreover unlike competitive titles in the genre, each unit in Worlds of Magic has been uniquely designed and modeled. You can learn more about the designing process and races characteristics by downloading Worlds of Magic artbook from THIS link. And if you’re one of Worlds of Magic Kickstarter supporters you’ll get the official game artbook with additional, bonus content!

In Worlds of Magic you’ll visit the world of Elannra. The land that was once full of beauty and enchantment, where the wise and powerful used magic to lift themselves to the heavens, seeking to become gods. It was their arrogance that destroyed the world; ripped its fabric apart at the very seams. The War of Ascension consumed it. And so they fled. Gateways were opened to new worlds, to new lands ripe for conquest. The Sorcerer lords of Elannra plunged through these portals taking their servants with them, intending to wage their immortal wars across the planes themselves.

But the magic of these worlds was different, it was not the open flowing source of Elannra. The Sorcerer lords had to begin again and learn the ways of this new magic. With their learning came power and with power conquest. Only victory will end this war. Only one Sorcerer can reign supreme!

Worlds of Magic will capture the feel of one of the greatest strategy games ever created: Master of Magic. It combines classic elements like randomly generated world maps and powerful heroes with new game mechanics, such as the D20 OGL rule set, and expanded features, like seven planes of existence. Although being a completely new game from a design point of view, Worlds of Magic is a real treat for all true fans of the original Master of Magic, following the rules being an essence of the genre, allowing you to EXPLORE uniquely generated universes, EXPAND your empire by building armies, recruiting mercenaries, and founding or capturing cities, EXPLOIT resources and factions alike to increase your own power and finally EXTERMINATE your enemies using the tools of war, magical spells or diplomacy.

The game will offer you 8 playable races (High Man, Unhallowed, Gray Elves, Draconians, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Myrodants) that will roam 7 planes of existence in a procedurally generated universe maps of up to 256×128 tiles (per plane). The game will also offer 3 gameplay modes (Domination, Battle and Hot Seat) and a magic system with over 400 spells divided into 13 spell circles explained on THIS infographics. And on top of that a whole bunch of other features that can be found below:

Over 10 terrain types
Almost 30 world resources to exploit
D20 battle combat mechanics
Experience gaining units
Over 80 military units
Over 40 wandering and summon-able units
Over 40 world features to explore and conquer
40 heroes and champions
Tactical, strategic, and global spells to cast
Powerful artifacts to create and equip your heroes with
13 pre-made Sorcerer Lords to choose from or a possibility to make your own