Hypernova: Escape From Hadea … rilanciato


** The Original RTDS **

Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 9, 2018 – As of today, Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is enjoying a new lease on life. This innovative, colorful and deep strategy game released last autumn has received a major update, been translated into Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and re-released at a lower price point for a limited time to find an even wider audience. Hypernova combines classic real-time strategy with tower defense in a vast open world, becoming something special in the process – the original RTDS! The player decides where to land the mothership on a strange moon, what resources to gather, which tech to research and where to put or move the defense towers to combat waves of humorous beasts. The alien world of Hadea is colorful and charming, but make no mistake: this is a deep and diverse strategy game with old school sensibilities.

“We are thrilled to introduce new changes in Hypernova that will help expand our community even more,” said Simon Sukljan, CEO of ActaLogic. “Combining real-time strategy and tower defence genres, Hypernova challenges players with complex strategic decision-making while exploring the colourful and whimsical game world. We hope that new and old players will appreciate the revamp of the game and look forward to hearing what they think!”

A planetary system called Hadea is in danger as its huge star Naidira is becoming increasingly unstable. Realizing it is only a matter of time before an apocalyptic explosion destroys their entire planet, the natives, Scynthians, devise a plan to escape Hadea and rebuild their civilization somewhere else. The salvation lies in an interstellar teleportation device. Unfortunately, the raw materials required to build and power up such a device have long since been depleted. The only place offering more is Hadea’s moon Haya. This is an inhospitable world with a toxic corrosive atmosphere, inhabited by strange creatures. In a desperate effort to save their race, the Scynthians send an expedition to Haya to find a way to power the escape technology and save their culture from extinction.

In Hypernova, the players take on the role of a Scynthian leader with a clear goal: gather enough resources to power up an interstellar teleportation device and escape the doom of Naidira’s explosion. They need to build settlements and grow the population while gathering minerals necessary to develop the Scynthian technology. They may also come across ancient relics scattered around the moon, granting in-game resources and completing achievements, while the online leaderboards allow the players to compete for the title of the ultimate Scynthian leader!

In order to survive the attacks from creatures sleeping in lairs and roaming the unforgiving Hayan landscape, the players must set up a system of defense towers. These towers can be moved, but the suitable terrain is in short supply, especially since it is also needed for other buildings. Where should the towers and buildings be placed? Where and when to expand? What creatures to battle, which minerals to gather, what technology to research? Where to land the mothership in the first place? Decisions, decisions!

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