Worlds of Magic – nuovo aggiornamento

E’ disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento di Worlds of Magic, gioco strategico a turni.

Queste le novità:
– Play as a completely new race: Dwarves, sturdy, productive and ponderous
– Explore a new unique plane: Earth, resource-rich, desolate wasteland
– Battle for the Worlds of Magic with your friends in the new Hot Seat mode
– Summon five new roaming creatures, from invisible Air Elementals to poisonous Nagas
– Customize your heroes with a revamped and balanced hero system
– Dominate the seas with newly implemented ships
– Cast over fifty new unique spells, from conjuring magical city guardians to turning your whole army invisible
– Acquaint yourself with a completely new magic circle: Arcane, with spells available to all players, allowing to summon mighty heroes and return from banishment