Pixel Piracy – disponibile da domani su Steam Early Access

Pixel Piracy  sarà disponibile da domani 31 luglio 2014, su Steam Early Access.
Il gioco è stato sviluppato da Re-Logic (già autori dell’Indie Terraria) in collaborazione con Quadro Delta.


  • An open world full of RPG/SIM elements that pays hommage to the pirates popularly depicted in movies, stories, and novels.
  • The world randomly generates every time you start a new game.
  • Roguelike mechanics that prove a stiff challenge while still offering a very comprehensive difficulty curve. Focusing on a long gampaign, the game eschews the common roguelike’s penchant for deleting your character by allowing you to save your game, while keeping intact almost all other factors.
  • A robust stats and skills system thanks to which you will be able to form up your pirate crew to your liking. Reminiscent of games like Diablo, you will be able to apply stat points to your crew and teach them select skills that you wish to teach them, and decide which weapons they will use. No two crews will ever be the same.
  • An average campaign completion time of around 20 hours, with multiple playthroughs neccesary to view all the content.
  • After launch, there will be regular FREE updates, content patches, bug fixes, and additional gameplay mechanics that will as always be voted in by the community.