Xbox Fitness: Forma smagliante a San Valentino con Xbox One, nuovi consigli per gli allenamenti da Tony Horton di P90X

Sei alla ricerca di un modo divertente per rimetterti in forma in vista di San Valentino? Ti alleni già ma hai bisogno di qualcuno che ti sproni per raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi? Xbox Fitness ha pensato a te e presenta oggi cinque suggerimenti da parte di Tony Horton di P90X.

Microsoft annuncia, inoltre, il lancio di quattro nuovi allenamenti per Xbox Fitness: Pure Cardio (INSANITY), Cardio Power & Resistance (INSANITY), Groove (Mossa) e FIGHT 2 (Mossa).


Tony Horton Trainer Spotlight

For the past six months, you’ve had your Sunday routine. Wake up, grab the snacks and drinks, and settle in for a relaxing day of football. But now that the NFL season has come and gone, you may find yourself with an opening in your Sunday schedule, and possibly a few extra calories to work off thanks to the delicious food at your friend’s Super Bowl party.

Continuing our Xbox Fitness trainer spotlight series, Beachbody’s Tony Horton, creator of the transformational P90X® fitness system, shared his top five tips for working off the extra football pounds and keeping them off:

Find a friend. Since you are the company you keep, bail on the loafers and go hang with the doers. Your odds for success go way up when you create accountability through training with friends and family.

Be consistent. Exercising only two to three days a week just doesn’t work. Try that philosophy with sleeping, eating or brushing your teeth and see how well that turns out. Do you want to just survive, like everyone else, or do you want to see real results and thrive? If you answered the latter then you need to train five to seven days a week for the rest of your life.

Plan it. Schedule all of your workouts in advance. Figure out what you’re doing, what time you’re doing it and whom you’re doing it with. Plan it, and you’ll do it; wing it, and you won’t.

Add variety. Choose training techniques that take you out of your comfort zone, which will force you to work on your weaknesses. This will help prevent boredom and injuries, and improve your results in a shorter period of time.

Find the yin. Sleeping, massage, meditation and stress management, are the cornerstones of a fit and healthy lifestyle. The discipline of training intensely also requires the discipline of healing and recovery time.

As an extra motivation, between Feb. 1 and April 30, 2014 you can earn a limited time Xbox Fitness Achievement, the Bring It! Award from Tony Horton, when you earn five stars in Tony’s Shoulders & Arms and Plyometrics P90X workouts 12 times in three months.

New Mossa and INSANITY® Workouts on Xbox Fitness

We’re also excited to announce that two new workouts from another one of Beachbody’s top trainers, Shaun T, creator of the insanely popular INSANITY workout, are available now in the Xbox Fitness content library. Be sure to check out Pure Cardio and Cardio Power & Resistance.

P90X and INSANITY are some of the many workouts included in the extensive Xbox Fitness library of the world’s most popular fitness brands, including Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Beachbody (P90X and INSANITY), Anchor Bay (a Starz company) and Mossa.

Due to popular demand, two new Mossa workouts, designed exclusively for Xbox Fitness, have been added to the Xbox Fitness library: Mossa Fight 2 and Groove (a new dance workout). Be sure to check out Mossa Core 1 and 2, Fight 1 and Power 1 and 2, in addition to the new content.

Q&A with P90X’s Tony Horton

We spoke with Tony Horton to learn more about P90X and his partnership with Microsoft on Xbox Fitness. Read on for more and stay tuned for more tips from some of the famous trainers featured in our Xbox Fitness service in the coming months. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new Mossa and INSANITY workouts.

Tell us about the history of your training technique – what makes it unique?

Tony Horton: P90X is a program that’s built on the science of muscle confusion, which allows you to eliminate the plateau effect – a point in which your body’s transformation is halted by familiar routine. Often times, people go to the gym and get into a routine of doing the same exercises over and over again. P90X includes twelve unique workouts (and P90X3 includes a whopping SIXTEEN workouts) which allow you to constantly change your routine so your muscles don’t plateau and you can maximize the results you get.

The workouts in my programs range from resistance training, to yoga, to martial arts training to Plyometrics, Pilates and agility among others. The beauty of this variety is that your body will never get used to the workouts, allowing you to be consistently challenged – the key to getting results. Before I created P90X, I knew little to nothing about martial arts training and prior to P90X3, I had never done a Pilates workout. I love to learn new techniques and incorporate them into my programs because that allows you to continually challenge yourself and see those results.

What results can users of your programs expect?

Tony Horton: People who use any of my programs, and follow them properly, should expect to see significant improvement in their overall health and fitness. Assuming they also fill their bodies with the proper nutrition, they should have more energy, see an improvement in their balance, flexibility and range of motion and based on their own personal goals, see their bodies transform. Some folks will see a nice percentage of weight loss or body fat reduction, while others will see increased strength and muscle. The beauty of P90X, P90X3 or any of my programs is that they can be tailored to a person’s individual health and fitness goals.

Are Your programs on Xbox Fitness good for all fitness levels?

Tony Horton: Currently, Xbox offers two P90X workouts – Plyometrics and Shoulders & Arms, both of which are extreme workouts. P90X in general is not easy; however I’ve created each workout so that anyone CAN benefit from them. Plyometrics, or jump training, is a strenuous lower body routine that’s not for the faint of heart, however I’ve introduced ways to modify moves so that even those not in peak condition can participate. I always say, do your best and forget the rest. If your fitness level isn’t what you need it to be, then start slow. Modify the moves and do what you can. If you continue to work hard, eventually you’ll build up the ability to get through even my toughest workouts.

Are your programs on Xbox One exclusive to the platform?

Tony Horton: The workouts currently provided on Xbox One are two of the routines included in my original P90X program. They are both great examples of workouts I do myself and give you a glimpse into the full P90X experience.

Do you have any other tips, in addition to your five tips above?

Tony Horton: On the nutrition side, I like to use the 90/10 rule. Sweets and other snacks are always so enticing, and they are ok to have every once in a while. I eat healthy 90 percent of the time and allow myself to enjoy those delicious desserts the remaining 10 percent of the time.