Sony e Microsoft: i progetti dei first party studios

Un’interessante articolo è stato pubblicato su neogaf, da parte di un utente che ha elencato tutti i progetti in lavorazione/in uscita dei first party studios dei due produttori di console.

La lista è decisamente corposa…

A lot of games I listed are just examples, please don’t look at them as confirmed games

Big Studios
RARE Team 1 – ???
343 Team 1 – Halo 5
343 Team 2 – Halo Spin Off
Turn 10 – Forza 5
Microsoft Games Victoria – ???
Microsoft Osaka – ???
Black Tusk – Futuristic shooter
Lionhead Team 1 – Fable MMO
Team Dakota – Project Spark

Guerilla Games Team 1 – Killzone Shadowfall
Guerilla Games Team 2 – Fantasy Setting game
Sucker Punch – inFamous Second Son
Sony Japan Team 1- Knack
Sony Japan Team 2 – Puppeteer
Evolution – DriveClub
Team Ico – The Last Guardian
Santa Monica – New AAA IP (Stig’s Team)
Santa Monica Team 2 – God of War 4 (GoW Ascention Team)
Santa Monica Team 3 – New IP (Cory Barlogs Team)
Naughty Dog – Uncharted 4
Naughty Dog Team 2 – Last of Us
Polyphony Digital – Gran Turismo 6
Media Molecule – Play Create, Share game (not a Move only game)
San Diego – MLB
SOE Team 1 – Planetside 2 port, DC Universe Online
SOE Team 2 – Everquest Next

3rd Party Contracted – Big Studios
Remedy – Quantum Break (MS own the IP)
Crytek – Ryse
Capcom – Dead Rising 3
Double Helix (Microsoft own the IP) – Killer Instinct
inSomniac – Sunset Overdrive
Playground Studios – Forza Horizon 2 (MS own the IP)

Ready at Dawn (Sony own the IP) – The Order 1866
Quantic Dream (Sony own the IP) – The Dark Sorcerer

Kinect, Move, PSN, Vita, XBLA Studios
Rare Team 2 – Kinect Sports Rivals
Good Science Studio – Kinect Adventures 2
Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Kinect Fitness
Playful Learning – Family Kinect game
Twisted Pixel – Lococycle
Platform Next Studios – Kinect game
Leap -???
Lift London – cloud based game or streaming game on tablet
Press Play – Max, Curse of Brotherhood
Soho Productions – Kinect game
BigPark – Kinect Sports 3
Skybox – Sports TV stuff
Microsoft LA – TV production
ConnectedExperiences – Mobile games
Xbox LIVE Productions – XBLA game
Lionhead Team 2 – XBLA or Kinect game (I think their 2nd studio makes smaller games, Fable The Journey, Fable Heroes etc)

Playstation CAMP – Rain
Sony Japan Vita – Freedom Wars, Destiny of Spirits
Bend – Uncharted Vita 2
SCE/XDEV – Playstation Vita Pets
MediaMolecule Team 2 -Tearaway
Guerilla Camebridge – Killzone Mercenary
Project Siren – Gravity Rush 2
London Team 1 – PS Eye game
London Team 2 – SingStar

3rd Party contracted PSN/Move/Kinect/XBLA/Vita games
Access Games – D4
Grounding Inc – Crimson Dragon
Capybara Games – Below
Sandbox – Minecraft (also on PC/360/iOS)
Zoe Mode – Powerstar Golf
Business Simulation – Zoo Tycoon
Undead Labs – State of Decay 2 (MS own the IP)

Giant Sparrow – Artsy PSN game
Novarama – inVizimals: The Alliance (Sony own the IP)
Double Eleven – Frozen Synapse
Zindagi – Sports Champions 3 (Sony own the IP)
Clap Hanz – Hot Shots (Sony own the IP)
Tarsier Studios – new IP, either PSN or Vita
SuperMassive Games – Until Dawn, and PS4 project
DrinkBox – PSN game
Housemarque – 2 games for PS4, Dead Nation for Vita
Honeyslug – Hohokum (also on Vita)
Ovosonico – new IP from Shadows of the Damned director
Bluepoint Games – God of War HD Vita, Classic IP for PS3 (Sony own the IP)
Dynamighty – CounterSpy for Vita/PSN
Sanzaru – Sly for PS3/Vita (Sony own the IP)
Wish Studios – New IP

Games that are not on competitors system, but not published by Sony/MS, these have a high chance of being timed exclusives
TitanFall (also on PC/360)
Fantasia Music Evolved
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Final Fantasy XIV (also on PC/PS3)
Abe’s Oddyssey New and Tasty (also on WiiU/PC)
The Witness (also on PC/iOS)
Don’t Starve
Mercenery Kings
Octodad (also on PC)
Secret Ponchos
Ray’s the Dead
Warframe (also on PC)
Blacklight Retribution (also on PC)
War Thunder (also on PC)
Basement Crawl
Doki Doki Universe
Lords of the Fallen
The Pinball Arcade (also on PS3/360)
Primal Carnage
Project Heart and Soul
Rocketbirds 2
Shadow Warrior
Super Motherload
Tiny Brains

Exclusive Release schedule, only confirmed titles (note titles without release date, I guessed the release)

PS4 (bolded full retail games, not bolded F2P, digital, PSEye games)
– Launch
Killzone Shadowfall
Drive Club

– 2013 Q4
Planetside 2
DC Universe Online
Don’t Starve
Secret Ponchos
The Witness
– Q1
inFamous Second Son
Blackside Retribution
War Thunder
Doki Doki Universe
Final Fantasy XIV Online
– Q3
The Order

Xbox One (bolded full retail games, not bolded F2P, digital, Kinect, games)
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Dead Rising 4

-Q4 2013
Fantasia Music Evolved
Zumba Fitness
Project Spark
Kinect Sports Rivals
Zoo Tycoon
Powerstar Golf
Crimson Dragon
TitanFall (likely time exclusive)
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break