Killing Floor avrà una nuova modalità di gioco, e sarà in scontato (e in prova gratuita) nella prossima settimana

Those crazy circus freaks have infested the world of Killing Floor once again for the Summer Sideshow: Pier of Pain event, hosted in Ringmaster Lockheart’s Steamland. And this time they’ve brought a completely new game type with them – Objective Mode. But that’s not all! We have a whole pile of extras for you all, for NO money down:
All new game type: Objective Mode features story driven gameplay with objectives to complete while battling the zeds!
The new map, Steamland, playable in both the new Objective Mode and Wave Mode!
Objective Mode added to the Killing Floor SDK, so mappers can now create their own story-based maps.
New unlockable event character: Steampunk Mrs. Foster! Unlock here during the event while you can!
Additional achievements for the new game mode and new level.
Another opportunity to unlock Steampunk Mr. Foster during the event.
For everyone who owns Rising Storm ( – the Rising Storm Tommy Gun.
All FREE to everyone who owns the game!
And, so everyone who doesn’t own the game can try the new mode, Killing Floor will be available to download and play, for NO money (that is f-r-e-e), from 4th July through to 11th July. That is a whole week to try it out. And, to encourage everyone even further, the game will be on sale during the period of the free week, at an 80% discount.

But wait! There’s more! We are also bringing you a new DLC character, to keep the original Mr. Foster company – Mrs. Foster! Plus a second Gold Weapons Pack for all those who like their weapons blinged out. And as if that wasn’t enough – a Steampunk-themed Community Weapons Pack will also be available, to match with the whole Steampunk theme of the Summer Event. Remember, you can only unlock Mr and Mrs Foster during the Summer Sideshow event – so don’t wait! If that is all a lot to take in at one go take a look at the event web page:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Greenman Gaming and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.