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Life of Pixel
Life of Pixel is a unique game. The first time ever such a broad range of gaming history and gaming platforms has been brought together in one game! A retro tour de force for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android.

Inspired by the retro wonder days of 8-bit games, Life of Pixel is a traditional 2D platformer with plenty of modern gameplay elements.
Paying tribute to not just one classic 8-bit machine, but a whole museum full of them! And more nods to classic games than just about any other game in existence – revisit NES games like Mario, Mega Man, Castlevania & Metroid, experience 8-bit computer classics such as Uridium, Jet Set Willy, Exolon, Rick Dangerous, Monty Mole, Blagger, Exile, Chucky Egg & Citadel and remember Master System legends including Sonic, Wonder Boy and Shinobi.
Life of Pixel features a massive variety of pixel art, over 100 retro-inspired levels of platforming goodness. Different levels feature different styles of gaming; choc-full of moving & destructible platforms, double jumps, gravity inversion, traps and lots of different enemies. Not forgetting the audio – Pixel features an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack created using the original sound chips for each machine.

And secrets! Dozens of special secrets to uncover and experience, from silly little touches through to great big mega-epic secrets!