The Glyph in offerta per Halloween su Steam e Switch

30% Halloween sale on hidden gem platformer, Glyph

The Glyph Halloween Double Jumpkin, 30% sale, is going live today on Steam & Nintendo Switch (The Americas).

The well-received 3D platformer, Glyph, is now on 30% sale for Halloween, giving people the opportunity to roll about, jump around, jump up, jump up, and get down during this year’s scary weekend.

The saving is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil), October 28th to November 1st.

Over the summer, Glyph has been updated with various new features to make life easier for Glyph players.

Taking advice from the fantastic Glyph community on our Discord Feedback channel, we have enabled several new features and improvements. These changes have been put into effect in an ongoing fashion, thus experienced players are unlikely to find anything new. We’re just really slow to announce these things.

Indeed, with time, more bugs will need squashing, and more fans will need squishing (hugging) for bringing these little critters to our attention. Thanks all!


Quality of life updates

Level selection is now possible directly from the main menu

Progress overview available in the main menu

Level reshuffle for smoother difficulty progression

Lowered Time Trial requirements for silver and bronze awards

Players no longer lose all collectibles upon death (only keys are lost)


Also: New on the Discord server

Weekly speedrunning challenges

Weekly Shutterbug (screenshot) challenges

The amazing Fanart channel

The new Live-Stream channel


Also: New on the Steam store page

New accolades video

New gameplay video with voiceover

New screenshots added


Other minor stuff

Various graphical enhancements

Minor level design changes