30 anni di Cotton e in arrivo il nuovo capitolo

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30 Years of Cotton  Best of Cotton coming soon!

Stuttgart, September 21st, 2021: Cotton fans watch out! Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games are bringing you one great release after another.The young witch Nata de Cotton and her companion Silk are ready for more adventures on your home screens!

In celebration of 30 years of Cotton, Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games are proud to announce the return of Cotton later this year with Cotton 100%, Panorama Cotton and Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute.

The games will be available in different editions over at and/or! Limited Edition and Collector’s Editions are ready for pre-order soon!

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute comes with two awesome games of the Cotton universe – Cotton 2 and Cotton Boomerang. Plus, the retro shoot ‘em up Guardian Force offers a variety besides the magical adventures of the iconic “cute ‘em up” heroine, spicing up the tribute.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute will be available at Strictly Limited Games as a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition.

Cotton 100%

Cotton 100% gives new Cotton players a great jump start into the franchise. The game was originally released in 1994 on the Super Famicom and later in 2003 on the PlayStation 1. Coming in with a bright, colorful palette it’s ideal for beginners, since it’s easier than the original Cotton.

Cotton 100% will be available for digital store download coming from ININ Games and as a Limited and Collector’s Edition at Strictly Limited Games.

Panorama Cotton

Panorama Cotton, originally published in 1994, introduces a fresh, new gameplay design into the Cotton franchise. The “pseudo 3D” shoot ‘em up was considered a technical prodigy when it was released on the Mega Drive.

After the queen emerges from the castle in a hurry to save the world from falling into chaos, Cotton and Silk are setting off on their new adventure.

Panorama Cotton will be available for digital download from the online store coming from ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games as Limited and Collector’s Edition.

After the great success of Cotton Reboot in Europe and North America, introducing more Cotton content is a great pleasure.

And that’s far from all – there is plenty more!

Stay tuned for a very special announcement, coming later this year in celebration of Cotton’s 30st birthday!