The Hand of Merlin disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento


Ranged Abominations and new Mystic Bandit enemy class add a new lethal mix to the games combat

Baltimore, MD – August 25th, 2021 – Independent developer Room C Games in co-production with Croteam and in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil today announced the latest major update for their rogue-lite RPG game The Hand of Merlin, currently in early access for PC via Steam, Epic Game Store and GOG.

The latest update, titled ‘A New Evil’ introduces Range Abominations, a strong ranged challenge to provide more variety for a player’s party to tackle, since the majority in the game have been melee based thus far. The Basilisk is a ranged abomination capable of lobbing a lethal toxin which deals more and more damage if left unchecked.

Also arriving in the latest update is a new enemy class, Mystic Bandit, and two arrive in this latest update, Enchanter which brings blinding tar and corrosive Mercury into the fray, and Witch, a support style enemy which can block off paths with a fiery napalm-like ability and restore its allies armour.The Mystic class in The Hand of Merlin is composed of a roster of alchemists, druids, shamans and priests, all of which bring their own brand of mystery and abilities to the fight.

In addition to the Ranged Abomination and new Mystic Bandit enemy class, The Hand of Merlin also gets Gamepad support added in this latest update, giving players more choice on how they choose to play the game.

“This latest update is part of our continued initiative in balancing the game and adding to it’s replayability, this includes the events that players encounter,available allies, enemy variants and it’s combat system.We still want the game to be easy to pick up, but have enough complexity to allow everyone to keep improving but with a focus of it being fun to play too. The goal is that The Hand of Merlin continues to be a fair, engaging experience and that we continue to utilise player feedback in a positive way.” Said Mat Farias, Game Designer at Room-C Games.

The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend clashes with sci-fi horror. Players recruit three mortal heroes on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem to explore richly-imagined medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse – assaulted by an otherworldly evil. Written by Jonas Kyratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4) and Verena Kyratzes (The Lands of Dream, Serious Sam 4) The Hand of Merlin is a story inspired by Arthurian legend but with an unusual twist that introduces a wholly unique sci fi element to its storytelling.