Fromto è in open beta da oggi

“Fromto” Open Beta starting today – join it alone or together with your friends! 

Fromto’s insane multiplayer madness
will unleash your inner child again

May 2nd 2019 – Later today, at 9pm CEST / 3pm PST, every PC gamer will be able to try out the upcoming 2D multiplayer madness of Fromto at your home for the very first time. You like unpredictable things happening in games? Come in! You like to play and laugh locally or online with your friends? Give it a try then! You would rather like to try it on your own first? No problem – join the Beta and test the single player mode!

Fromto is about being creative – or just experimental – and unleashing your inner child. When we presented the 2D racing game at PAX East recently it was a good crowd puller – its unpredictability will please you and perhaps others who will watch you playing too.

If you are interested in playing Fromto, just can get one of the 1500 free Beta keys either at the game’s Discord Channel or by using instead. The Beta will run one week, ending on May 9th. All public keys will be made void then; only press and influencer keys will remain valid.

More specific Beta information:

  • 25 single player levels
  • 10 insane multiplayer levels
  • Lots of secrets
  • Destructible terrain
  • Over 50 different parts to manipulate the levels!
  • 10 different cars to unlock
  • Unseen art style partially made by the dev’s young kids
  • Super high replayability

For more information about the Open Beta of Fromto please check out our Discord Channel or the Steam page updates.