Frostpunk celebra le feste con l’aggiornamento gratuito ‘A Christmas Carol’

December 18, 2018 – Warsaw, Poland — There’s something almost ‘Dickensian’ about the world of Frostpunk — whether it’s the living conditions for people in the last city on Earth, the century that Charles Dickens’ novels and Frostpunk both exist in, or ‘A Christmas Carol’, the timeless Dickens classic and the title of the latest free Frostpunk update.

In the neverending winter of the late 19th century, humanity’s last survivors are desperately trying to build the foundation of a society capable of surviving the endless deep freeze. In the darkest of times, what they truly need is a little bit of hope — a tiny piece of home in a world far away from the home they remember. The holidays draw near, and the survivors come to you, the leader of this frozen hellscape to ask for ‘A Christmas Carol’ to cheer them up. Take a quick look here for a teaser glance at what people may need in the frozen world of Frostpunk.

Frostpunk’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ update brings a completely new quest to the game’s Endless Mode. A new Christmas-themed building is added and the event — as you may guess — brings a new moral dilemma for the leader. Otherwise, would it truly be ‘Frostpunkian’?

Including some minor fixes and improvements too, launch the game in Endless Mode and see what the ‘A Christmas Carol’ update brings to the game. From all of us here at 11 bit studios, we wish you the happiest of holidays.