Headup nuovo bundle su Steam

ourney through different time periods,
bizarre worlds and even space!

November 21st, Düren, Germany – Greetings, curious adventurers and daring pioneers! The doors have opened to times long gone and strange worlds long forgotten. Or would you rather see into the future and find out what awaits humanity? You will see both on this journey.

Seven amazing experiences are waiting for you in the Time Travel Bundle. Take a look:
The Inner World
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest
Tick Tock Isle
We have combined games from different genres and styles, yet united by the theme of time travel to remind you how diverse the experience can be.

One of those titles, The Inner World, won the award for “Best German Game” among some other awards and shouldn’t be missed by any adventure fan. You will rely on intelligence and cunning to solve challenging riddles. During other times, combining skill and blunt force is the only way to protect what is dear to you. And if that doesn’t work, going back through a time loop over and over again may shine light on the right path.

Conquer time and space in a whirlpool of worlds so unlike each other.