Travian: Legends evento ‘Path to Pandora’

Developer Travian Games has recently released their special annual event for the community of their flagship title, Travian: Legends. Celebrating the game’s 14th anniversary, the Path to Pandora event has provided to be a huge success already with over 200,000 players joining the servers since the start on September 5th.

To celebrate the launch of the Path to Pandora event, a special behind-the-scenes video showing how the team behind Travian: Legends works on the flagship title including interviews with the game director Eckart Food and concept artist Kaj Driesen.

In Path to Pandora, the player chooses one of the five Travian tribes to start their first of many villages. Set on a map of ancient Europe, the biggest change with the event is that if a player conquers an opponent’s village, the original tribe remains, giving the conqueror the opportunity to play with all the tribes instead of one. Unique new visuals for each tribal villages have been added, as well as more detailed player statistics.

“This year, we wanted to create something new and game-changing for the community,” said Martin Riedt, Brand Marketing Manager for Travian: Legends. “Introducing the new conquest mechanics and giving players the opportunity to play with all tribes, adds a completely new level of strategic depth. It is a fresh new way to play the game, and we know our players will enjoy the Path to Pandora event.”

Travian: Legends is renowned for bringing the massive multiplayer online experience to over 100 million players across the globe in 40 different languages, since its launch in 2004. Travian: Legends is a ‘build and raid’ game at heart. Players start off with a small village and expand a prospering empire by executing smart strategies, interacting in trade and diplomacy with other players, and engaging in fierce battles over valuable resources, villages, and tactical locations. The main objective is to claim total victory of the server at the end of each round and be crowned the best player.