Nitro Ball è disponibile per Nintendo Switch

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade celebrates our 10th game on Nintendo Switch™ with the release of Nitro Ball!
LOS ANGELES, California, September 13, 2018 — Flying Tiger Entertainment’s Johnny Turbo’s Arcade is proud to celebrate our 10th release on Nintendo Switch™.

Nitro Ball features Gary, an Ex-Navy Sergeant and Harry, an Ex-Police Officer who battle their way through a futuristic game show that takes place on vertical pinball worlds. In fact, each arena includes bumpers, buffers, rails and pinball holes. Nitro Ball is a fast and furious action game where players must kill or be killed.

With the Real Arcade Feel, Johnny Turbo’s Arcade aims to bring the best 80’s and 90’s arcade games to modern gamers! We have many more classics coming soon, including Night Slashers, Heavy Barrel, and more!

We would also like to celebrate the release of Gate of Doom on PlayStation 4! Xbox One and Steam coming soon.