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Dead Age è disponibile per Xbox One

Sopravvivi all’apocalisse zombi con combattimenti a turni e morti permanenti! Gestisci i sopravvissuti, affronta pericolose spedizioni in cerca di provviste, costruisci alleanze, crea equipaggiamento, fai scelte difficili che influiranno sul corso della storia, difendi il tuo accampamento dalle orde di non morti e vivi elementi rogue-lite non lineari. Un GDR di sopravvivenza indie innovativo!


The zombie apocalypse has arrived

Prove your will for survival with “Dead Age”
available now on Xbox One

September 7th, Düren, GermanyDead Age, the tactical zombie horror RPG from Headup and Silent Dreams, is available now on Xbox One. You’ll get the game now for $11,99 / €11.99 / £9.59 (20% off) for the first days, afterwards it will be at 14.99 / £11.99 again.

The game drops players right into the middle of a fierce zombie apocalypse, challenging them to rebuild society and make tough decisions while fending off hordes of undead in tactical turn-based battles.

This combination and its unique atmosphere brought Dead Age great success on Steam and a “Very Positive” overall rating with over 2500 reviews in total. Thanks to the fantastic community support, Xbox One players are lucky to receive the best version possible, improved hand in hand with the players.

You control a group of survivors, execute dangerous scavenging runs, craft equipment and other useful things, build alliances and fight for survival on a day to day basis. Its round-based battles are inspired by classic RPGs: you can act strategically, use different skills and weapons and even plants bombs and traps. How will you protect your people from this thread?

Dead Age is now available for $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.59 on the Microsoft Store.