I due capitoli della serie “The Inner World” sono disponibili per Nintendo Switch

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“The Inner World” and “The Last Wind Monk” will
open players’ hearts on Nintendo Switch™ today

August 3st, Düren, Germany – Later today, the adventures The Inner World and its successor The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk will be released on Nintendo Switch™. After the initial success on other platforms, their beloved hero Robert, together with his friends Laura and Peck the pigeon, will embark on two journeys across the enchanting world of Asposia that you shouldn’t miss either.

In times of social and political turmoil – with questionable leaders and religious fanatics as well as negative thinking in general – the Inner World series might just be able to provide a positive point of view on these matters. Despite their fun and innocent surface, both The Inner World and The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk subtly address topics which resemble real processes disturbingly well.

But hey, listen, they are also great and fun games! This becomes clear if you see all the awards and praise both games received for their earlier releases from the games press. From The Last Wind Monk receiving a Metacritic rating of 79 on PC as well as The Inner World winning the award for “Best German Game” (among other awards), these games are bound to be very enjoyable.

The Inner World will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.99, while The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk will be at $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.