Hexologic, rompicapo numerico è disponibile per Nintendo Switch

After a very successful launch on PC, iOS, and Android only 2 weeks ago, Hexologic from MythicOwl studios is now ready to win the minds and hearts of Nintendo Switch gamers. So, if you own the console and love puzzle games, download the game today and learn what Hexologic’s magic is all about!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 12th, Warsaw, Poland.

If you think there are certain game genres or gameplay types that are perfect as they are and simply impossible to improve, think again! Hexologic – a brand new game from MythicOwl studio – is here to prove you wrong.
Need solid proof instead of just words and promises?

Hexologic is available now on Nintendo Switch ( where you can buy it for $2,99.


The game is an easy-to-learn and highly-addictive logic puzzle game. Based on hexagonal grids, Hexologic reinvents the rules of sudoku. Combining the dots and hexagons will be a rewarding experience for both puzzle game veterans and newcomers alike. Simple gameplay mechanics adorned with beautiful graphic design, relaxing music, and challenging-yet-conquerable puzzles will guarantee many hours of fun for gamers of all ages.


●    Relaxation – putting your mind at ease in the immersive atmosphere
●    Four completely different game worlds, each with unique gameplay mechanics
●    Over 60 levels designed down to the smallest detail
●    Well-balanced puzzles
●    An atmospheric soundtrack accentuating the game’s ambience