I ZOMBIE è disponibile per Nintendo Switch

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned global epidemic. Get the game, gather your horde, spread the disease and infect the whole world. I, ZOMBIE launches today, March 8th, on Nintendo Switch™. Long live the zombies!

March 9th, Cracow, Poland.

I, ZOMBIE, created and published by Awesome Games Studio – the minds behind Yet Another Zombie Defense HD and Badass Hero – launches today, March 8th, on Nintendo Switch™. Grab it now, become patient zero and start your own Zombiepocalypse! Fool the army and make sure no one stays safe. It’s all about braaains!

The game is available for €4.99/£4.49/pуб.349.

You don’t have to wait any longer! Now is the time to take control of mindless zombie minions and build your army. I, ZOMBIE – a rather different zombie game – is launched today on Nintendo Switch™! And to give you even more fun, there’s a built-in level editor too! Create your own levels, test your tactical skills and conquer mankind!

Once you were a human, like everyone else, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Your sole purpose is simple – eat as many brains as possible and turn everyone into zombies. Become leader of your horde and infect all the humans on the map. Whenever you turn another poor human being into a brainless, green-skinned creature, you gain full control over their existence. You can command your horde to attack armed soldiers, infect helpless civilians, follow you, or await orders. Each scenario requires a different tactical approach and careful planning to achieve world domination.

And, if you think you’re done after spreading your plague on all levels, think again – I, ZOMBIE’s built-in level editor lets you build your own maps and challenge yourself just the way you like.


  • Be a zombie, eat brains!
  • Control your minions by simple commands – you might be dead, but who said the dead can’t come up with great strategies?
  • Simple, arcade and puzzle-style rules – be smart, be sneaky, unleash the zombiepocalypse!
  • A comic setting – zombies are cute and funny too!
  • In-game level editor – endless fun, and even more brains!