Of Mice and Sand -Revised disponibile per Nintendo Switch

Of Mice and Sand -Revised- Available Today on Nintendo Switch

On a desert planet in the farthest reaches of space, mice await your command!

Torrance, California – January 11, 2018 – Arc System Works Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Of Mice and Sand -REVISED-, the strategy simulation game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch today!

Of Mice and Sand -REVISED- is an intense single player strategy simulation game. Build up both your vessel and your crew as you brave the harsh desert landscape, helping out those you come across and battling a multitude of foes along the way. Do you have what it takes to survive and discover the fabled legendary city of gold?

Key Features:

  • Navigate the Dunes in Search of Treasure
    Intriguing items await your discovery in the scorching sands. Steer your ship from settlement to settlement, filling it with riches.
  • A Deep and Addicting Crafting System
    Add a factory, workbench, lab, and other such rooms to your ship, and turn your scavenged materials into rarer items and make food for your mice. Sell crafted items at settlements to raise funds for more thrilling adventures!
  • Customize and Build Up Your Ship
    Create more than just rooms for crafting: Sleeping quarters so your crew can catch some Zs, or maybe even a jukebox to give them a boost. Build powerful weapons to keep desert hostiles off your back. Utilize crafted items to build a variety of rooms and enhance your ship.
  • Explore a Varied and Surprising Desert
    On your trek, you may come across an oasis, perfect for replenishing your water supply, or befriend a fallen mouse in need of aid. And who knows? You may even find some precious items in crashed spaceships!
  • Discover -REVISED- Content
    “Of MICE and SAND -REVISED-” is full of brand-squeaking new discoveries! And did you hear? There are rumors of snowfall at the desert’s edge. What events and enemies await…?!

Title: Of Mice and Sand -Revised-
Genre: Desert-Exploring Moving-Fortress Simulation Game
Release Date: 01/11/2018
Price: $ 9.99
Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (downloadable software)
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
No. of Players: 1 Player