Stairs titolo horror in arrivo su Steam il 28 settembre

La software house GreyLight Entertainment rilascerà Strairs definito come first-person atmospheric psychological horror game lunedi 28 settembre su Steam al prezzo consigliato di 12 Euro circa.

A tale of psychological horror that spans 3 diverse story arcs with thematic connections
Inspired by a series of horrific real-life events, recreated with a twist of fiction
Use your camera to capture supernatural elements that progress the story and open new areas
Utilize notes in your Journal to help track your progress, story beats and evaluate clues
Dynamic, immersive sound design sends chills down your spine while building palpable tension
Real-time story elements unravel the game’s narrative without interrupting gameplay
Explore interactive environments and solve cleverly crafted puzzles to find what you need to advance through the story