The Red Solstice – 8-player co-op survival, aggiornamento e in offerta su Steam


Cosa include l’aggiornamento? Una nuova mappa, nuova grafica, nuovi boss e una una colonna sonora!

Qui sotto i dettagli completi in (in inglese)

With this update we officially feature a new industrial themed map. It provides a dark and gritty feel. It’s narrow corridors and a central defense position will require some new strategies and should provide a fresh experience to veteran players. Monsters will move 10% faster on this map.

Along with the new map we feature four new missions:

  • In the Eye of the storm mission players will be trying to restart failed reactors and bring back colony shields while running in the dark. Remember that box of road flares you threw away? Well, sh*t happens…
  • Enemy at the Gates mission will teach players a valuable lesson, that the enemy at the gates is much better then the enemy rushing through the wide open gates.
  • Colony Defense System makes the marines deal with a case of hacked turrets. Sometimes it’s worth finding the person responsible and undoing the damage they have done. Sometimes it might be preferable just to clean the mess up with some explosives.
  • There are many enemies in The Red Solstice. Good thing is that they can’t multiply on their own. Until now. “Kill it before it lays eggs” is no longer a valid option. Can you contain the infestation from spreading before you face overgrowth?

Sargon is a burrower boss that has been introduced some time ago and has seen some tweaks to make him work properly. He is working now and we love him 🙂

As you have noticed, with the past updates we have been introducing some new skills, including marksman’s seismic pillar and assault’s T1 sensors overhaul.
It is also worth mentioning that the pistol got a new burst mode that replaced seldomly used aimed mode. It was introduced as an experimental “ninja change”, but we feel it can be fully featured now.

Prologue mission has been re-evaluated and a number of potential weak points have been identified. Some of them we have already managed to improve upon, so the prologue should serve it’s purpose of teaching new players gameplay basics a bit better.

Recent sound engine changes have allowed us to introduce fade in/fade out effects that should make sound transitions a bit more fluid.
Our composer has created some new music we’ll be using to create a more dramatic atmosphere for the evacuation mission.

As a result of ongoing graphics engine upgrades, HDR effects were introduced, allowing us to create much better glow effects, more lively explosions, more toxic toxic clouds and overall more modern feel. A bug was introduced with the initial deployment of HDR system causing crashes on certain machines. With this update those issues should be resolved. HDR effects can be adjusted in the options menu.


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