Annunciata la Original Sin Collector’s Edition e la versione per Mac allo Steam Early Access



La data di uscita di Divinity: Original Sin, il 20 giugno si sta avvicinando e gli sviluppatori hanno aggiunto la versione per Mac, già disponibile su Steam.

Della collector edition disponibile in 3000 copie, ne sono rimaste solo 1500, visto che le altre sono state riscattate via Kickstarter, dai relativi finanziatori del gioco.

Se si è interessati ad acquistare la colector edition, è in vendita al prezzo di  69.99 EUR, esclusivamente sul sito

Dentro la confezione della collector sarà possibile trovare:
– Two copies of Divinity: Original Sin for co-op adventuring
– Digital copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity
– Recipe cards to help you craft in-game
– A cloth map of Rivellon
– A two-sided A2 poster
– A Soundtrack CD
– An Original Sin-themed playing card deck
– Premium-quality RPG dice set with pouch
– A Sticker pack

Infine la versione per Mac ha subito un’ottimizzazine rispetto alla versione PC, risultando giocabile anche sui Mac meno potenti.

Questi gli aggiornamenti generali.
– Mac & PC players can now play together.
– New ‘Laptop Optimized’ mode will keep your game running smoothly, whether you’re travelling by air, sky, or sea. Touchpad control support is also added.
– Steam Cloud saves are active, so you can continue playing your savegames from several devices.
– The AI now adapts its tactics to players and the environment, and it can also make use of potions and special arrows.
– The treasure generation has been completely revamped
– Pouches allow you to easily organize items in your inventory.
– The skill & spell abilities have been revised to better support classless character builds
Skills and spells can now be “unlearned” and also have requirements
– 10 extra talents have been added. Talents now also have requirements
– New skill effects have been added. Go on, summon a spider!
– Several quality-of-life improvements including inventory sorting, context-sensitive item menus, a dialog log, action-point usage previews, the ability to use objects from another character’s inventory and more
– Numerous bug fixes and balancing changes