Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Mini-Expansion è disponibile

path-of-exile-sacrifice-of-the-vaa-logoGrinding Gear Games ha comunicato che è disponibile da ora l’espansione gratuita per Path of Exile denominata Sacrifice of the Vaal.

Con oltre 60 nuovi boss, Arena PvP, nuovi oggetti da creare e  nuove sfide.

Una sinossi del DLC è disponibile da leggere (in inglese) qui sotto.

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
In her pursuit for eternal youth, the narcissistic Queen Atziri plunged the Vaal civilization into a dark age of sacrifice and terror nearly two thousand years ago. Although her selfish actions lead to the deaths of millions and ultimately destroyed her own kingdom, Atziri has lingered in a nightmare realm that now threatens Wraeclast and its inhabitants. Players must defeat her many disciples and collect  Vaal fragments from corrupted areas in order to reach her lair, and will go toe-to-toe with the Queen of Sacrifice herself in a climactic end-game boss encounter.

The first 50 exiles in each of the new challenge leagues to slay Atziri and the other bosses will receive an exclusive cosmetic microtransaction effect that is limited to these 100 players.

Secret Corrupted Areas and New Boss Monsters
Marked by a beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood, secret Vaal-influenced areas have appeared in various corners of Wraeclast. Within these corrupted locations lie substantial challenges similar to those in end-game maps. At the heart of each area is a new boss monster, which guards a chest that is guaranteed to drop a Vaal Skill Gem or Vaal Fragment.

Over 60 new boss monsters have been added to Path of Exile, each of which utilize advanced combinations of skills and support gems that have never been used on monsters before. Players will need to work together to defeat these lethal foes and obtain their valuable prizes.