Door Kickers – Alpha 9 disponibile

E’ disponibile la build 9 di Door Kickers, titolo già recensito sulle nostre pagine.

Lo stesso vi metterà a capo di una squadra di SWAT, al fine di uccidere i criminali.

Queste le novità e fix introdotti.

What is New and Important in Alpha 9 of Door Kickers:
– New scenario type: Arrest Warrant.
– Body Armor added to the game. Select it from the inventory menu.
– Stinger Less-Lethal grenades added
– Tazer Less Lethal gun
– New shield models + improved shield mechanics
– 1/2 playback speed option for viewing replays
– New trooper skins + better animations
– Graphics improvements
– Improvements to enemy/swat AI

– Troopers now properly remember the weapon they had in hand before breaching a door.
– Fixed some issues with snipers
– Fixed unable to breach with shotgun as secondary weapon when activating potential waypoint
– Trooper stats are no longer updated and XP is no longer reset when viewing replays
– Fixed invisible walls on very large screen resolutions
– Fixed immortal troopers
– Sniper bullets ignore cover now