The Inner World: iOS aggiornamento e titolo in offerta


The Inner World l’avventura grafica punta e clicca sviluppata dallo Studio Fizbin, da oggi è in offerta fino al 2 marzo 2014 al prezzo di solo 0,99 Euro, al posto del consueto 4,99 Euro.


Inoltre, solo per la versione iOS sono stati introdotti i seguenti miglioramenti e fix.

– Play the flutenose! To thank our loyal fans for your patience and a small bonus, you can now be part of the asposian wind orchestra: Play the beloved wind song and compare your highscore to those of your friends via Game Center!

– Distracting Steve/Pete in the entrance hall should now work with no problems.

– The wishing well 2.0 is now able to teleport you to the beginning of each chapter in the game. In this manner, every chapter can be re-played!

– The wishing well 2.0 can now conjure even more items.

– A problem when using (and looking at) the wind map was fixed.

– A problem occurring when colouring the self-made moth was fixed.

– Problems with missing items were fixed. And should there still be something missing nevertheless, the wishing well 2.0 should be able to help!

– Problems playing cut scenes were fixed.

– Problems occurring when playing dialogues were fixed.

– Problems where the game froze were fixed.

– Many other crash-related bugs were fixed.