La PlayStation 4 costa costruirla 381$

Secondo il sito AllThingsD, i pezzi che compongono la PlayStation 4 vengono a costare a Sony circa 381$ (marketing e costi di trasporto esclusi).

Qui sotto alcuni dettagli:

– The other big cost is memory chips. There are no fewer than 16 individual memory chips in the PS4, costing Sony about $88.

– The cost of the processor and the memory works out to $188, nearly half of the total cost, Rassweiler said.

– After chips, the parts inside the PS4 become somewhat less unusual. There’s the hard drive from Seagate ($37), wireless chips from Marvell and Skyworks and an optical drive that costs about $28.

– Then there’s the controller, which costs another $18 to build. It contains Bluetooth chips from Qualcomm, an audio chip from Wolfson Microelectroncs and a motion sensor chip from Bosch. The system ships with only one controller in the box.

Quindi il margine di profitto sarebbe di 18$, “annullato” dai costi di marketing e distribuzione. Vero é che chi compera la nuova console, presumibilmente acquisterà anche un gioco e un altro Dualshock 4 o telecamera.