Haunted House Mysteries è disponibile per iOS, Android, Pc e Mac

Da oggi è disponibile Haunted House Mysteries il nuovo titolo di Anuman, per iOS, Android, Pc e Mac.


Nel gioco impersonerete Nancy Evans, la quale dovrà tentare di risolvere il mistero di una casa infestata nella quale suo padre morì anni fa.

Il titolo è disponibile anche in italiano.

Questo il comunicato ufficiale.

Montreuil, October 11 2013, Anuman Interactive has announced the release of “Haunted House Mysteries”, a new thriller and hidden objects game published under the Microids Games for All label on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

30 June 1994. Edward Russel, a famous

archaeologist recently returned from an expedition to Egypt, is found dead with his wife and daughter at their home in New England. Eighteen years later, Nancy Evans (whose part the player takes) is invited by her aunt to spend a few days of vacation by the sea in the manor where the archaeologist died. Nancy soon realizes she is not welcome and that something is amiss. She decides to look into the mystery that shrouds the manor.

In this interactive thriller, you switch between searches for hidden objects, puzzles and mini-games as you pursue your investigation to cast light on the affair. You move freely around the property. Your ability to observe, explore, and deduct is put to the test throughout the adventure as you look for clues related to the mysterious murder. The challenges awaiting you include opening a lock by finding the right combination, resetting the property’s surveillance system, and finding the right punch-code to open a door. You can still advance, however, after a certain lapse of time.

The manor gives off a gloomy atmosphere and you feel as if you’re constantly being spied upon. There are sudden apparitions, paintings that follow your gaze, dark settings with flashes of lightning and crows. The screen animations bring the game alive and immerse you in the grim investigation.

With the new interface you can, at any time, view the inventory of the objects you have collected and get help, e.g. to remind you of your aim or give you clues during the hidden object scenes. For fans of the supernatural, you learn 50 facts or stories about haunted houses – like news items, ghost stories or movies – as the adventure unfolds.

The game offers different types of interaction. When you are looking for hidden objects you sometimes need to think logically to gather them. For example, you’ll have to gather and use scarabs to activate the mechanism to open the door of the hanted house.

“Haunted House Mysteries” for PC, Mac, iOS, Android (google Play) was released on October 10 2013 in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian, Japanese and Russian.