Orbis (PlayStation 4), attualmente esistono 3 versioni differenti per gli sviluppatori

Un altra notizia presa da sito che oramai ne ha una nuova ogni giorno.

Sembra esistano tre versioni di kit di sviluppo, disponibili esclusivamente per le software house, della prossima PlayStation 4.

1) R10 boards with special BIOS, running in generic PC’s
2) “Initial 1″ — Early devkit

model number: DVKT-KS000K
SCE-provided PC equipped with R10XX board
Runs Orbis OS
Available July 2012

3) SoC Based Devkit: early version of the ORBIS hardware

Available January 2013

Time to look inside of each devkit:

R10 Board (with special BIOS) assemble in a Generic PCRequires Windows 7 64 bit edition


Sandy Bridge (Intel) or Bulldozer (AMD)

Minimum 8 GB RAM (system memory)

650 Watt PSU

VS2010 SP1

DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) must be turned off

Application will use Windows services for everything except GPU interface

SCE will provide “Gnm”, a custom GPU interface



Do you remember the first Durango’s pictures? This is a very early devkit based on Windows.DVKT-KS000K (“Initial 1″)

Runs Orbis OS

CPU: Bulldozer 8-core, 1.6 Ghz

Graphics Card: R10 with special BIOS

RAM: 8 GB (system memory)

BD Drive

HDD: 2.5 ” 160 GB

Network Controller

Custom South Bridge allows access to controller prototypes


SoC Based DevkitAvailable January 2013

CPU: 8-core Jaguar

GPU: Liverpool GPU

RAM: unified 8 GB for devkit (4 GB for the retail console)

Subsystem: HDD, Network Controller, BD Drive, Bluetooth Controller, WLAN and HDMI (up to 1980×1080@3D)

Analog Outputs: Audio, Composite Video

Connection to Host: USB 3.0 (targeting over 200 MB/s),

ORBIS Dualshock

Dual Camera

The last devkit is the closer one to the retail console. Expect a machine with these specs or similar to these ones. Obviously, Sony could introduce changes in this features, but don’t expect deep mods.