MonkeyPaw Games annuncia la disponibilità di Arc The Lad III via PSN

MonkeyPaw Games
MonkeyPaw Games Announce Arc The Lad III Now Available For European PlayStation®Network’s PS one® Classics sectionFinal installment of the acclaimed Arc the Lad Collection tactical RPG series makes its European digital download debut

Hokkaido, Japan – June 13th, 2012 – MonkeyPaw Games Inc., in partnership with GAIJINWORKS, is proud to announce the release of another much-anticipated import classic, Arc The Lad III on the European PlayStation®Network’s PS one® Classics section. Arc The Lad III is the final installment in the beloved tactical RPG series originally released in North America as Arc the Lad Collection, and features a job-driven progression system that expands the title’s replay value. The addicting title is now available at an unbelievably reasonable price point of £3.99/€4.99.

“We have had the pleasure to work closely with GAIJINWORKS and Victor Ireland on this series and we look forward to future cooperation. Today we’re proud to release the final installment in the Arc the Lad Collection trilogy, renowned as one of the best RPGs on the PS one® legacy system. Hardcore Arc The Lad and tactical-RPG fans need to make sure it’s a part of their collection,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games, Inc.

Arc the Lad Collection was one of the first RPGs to allow save data to be carried forward from game to game, and that thread helped tie together the awesome overall experience that was released in the US.  Now European fans can finally play the last chapter in the original trilogy. Fan reception of the first two Arc titles in Europe have been great and we look forward to continued fan support on PSN so we can bring over more titles with MonkeyPaw Games,” said Victor Ireland, President of GAIJINWORKS.

About Arc The Lad III
Originally released in Japan in October 1999 for the PlayStation, Arc The Lad III continues to use intuitive, tactical battles and RPG elements that the series is known for, while expanding the deep, job-based Hunter system of Arc II substantially. As the final installment in the trilogy, this version ties up all the storylines developed in the first two games in a way that will leave casual and diehard role-playing fans alike breathless. The game retains the charm of Arc II while transitioning the series into a fully-3D polygon environment.

The game introduces the story of Alec and Lutz, two young boys hoping to become great Hunters and take down the corrupt group known as the Academy. Fans of the series can expect numerous cameo appearances from popular characters in the series, some of them tasked with fighting alongside the game’s protagonist.

Arc The Lad III is now available on the European PlayStation®Network’s PS one® Classics section at an affordable price point of £3.99/€4.99.

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