Expedition Zero Beta è disponibile su Steam

Expedition Zero Beta is now live on Steam

Play the beta now for free and help us shape the game

Expedition Zero is a survival horror game set in the heart of rural Siberia. Explore the abandoned villages, uncover the mysteries of the exclusion zone, use your engineering skills to craft tools and upgrade your suit to confront AI-driven monsters as the last survivor of a Soviet scientific expedition.

Welcome to the ruthless Siberian wastelands

You play as a lone survival soviet engineer whose mission is to uncover the mystery of the zone and find his way back home. Explore the eerie ruins of an abandoned village, underneath which is a secret Soviet laboratory.

Use your portable science station on a sled – this will come in handy for research and crafting tools to survive the unforgiving wilderness and whatever lurks around you in the trees. Find yourself a shelter for a night or two, but don’t forget heat and fortification. Remember that weather is not the only threat out there. Use your engineering background to upgrade the suit to your advantage and outwit the AI-driven monsters.

*Incoming transmission*
To anyone who can read the signal. Our mission has failed. We were not ready for them. I’m the only one left. HELP!
*Transmission over*